Monday, June 17, 2019
Open Hearts, Open Doors, Open Minds
“Do you LOVE me? . . . Feed my SHEEP.”
That is the message we heard on Sunday about how we should take Jesus’ message to the world. We have a new outreach! There is some buzzing going around the church and people are excited. This is one project that HUMC can wrap around and really take off with. It is a project to clothe the naked. Little girls in Haiti are naked or only wearing panties. Because of the poverty there, our congregation can get involved with this precious project.
Where can each of us take
on this challenge?
There are many ways all of us can jump in. Our goal is to make 50 simple girls’ dresses from toddler size up to ladies small. The Haitian children and teenagers are not big in statue and because of the short supply of food they are not hefty either.
If you have any questions, please give Sandra Butcher an email (sgbutcher@hotmail.com) or call at 860-749-0478.
Let us all rally behind this project. Our goal at present is set to construct 50 dresses.  We ask for your prayers as we venture out to these children.
 Close To 100 Dress Now Made
photos by Sue Braun
 photos by Isobel Skukowski